Representing the profession and our members on issues important to today and the future.

Advocacy update

The AVA's advocacy program monitors and responds to issues that may impact the profession.  This involves meeting with key industry and government stakeholders, and members of parliament, to represent member views on a range of issues.

We make a large number of written submissions to government agencies on proposed changes to policy and legislation. This has proven to be our most powerful method for effecting change on topics that matter to our members, such as veterinary legislation, prescribing rights, biosecurity, public health, companion animal management, and pet food regulation to name a few.


AVA Federal Election Platforms. 

The AVA has released its 2022 Federal Election Platform.  The Platform focuses on key issues, including:

  • Addressing the mental health crisis in the veterinary profession
  • Making veterinary services more economically sustainable and accessible
  • Workforce sustainability
  • Regulatory reform
  • One Health
  • Access to international markets
  • Climate Change

The AVA also made a Federal Pre-Budget Submission for the 2022-23 budget.


For news on recent advocacy activity, please see our updates.