The AVJ Celebrates 100 years of the AVA

25 Nov 2021


This special edition of the AVJ will include fascinating insight into the history of professional bodies in this country including veterinary schools and the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists.

Did you know that the first Australian Veterinary School in 1910 had an expected budget requirement of less than 4000 pounds, or that until 1985 the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists was part of the AVA?

Also included, will be articles covering the predictions made by some of our historical figures  - speaking about what our profession might look like in the future. Some of these historical predications highlight the fact that supply and demand for veterinarians has been an ongoing issue for decades, as has the debate on how, we as a profession can best educate ourselves.

Read about the rich and fascinating history of the AVA, and our profession in this special virtual edition of the AVJ, looking back on the past 100 years and looking forwards to the next 100…