Request for Notice of Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting

02 Dec 2021


Resolutions for consideration at the 2022 Annual General Meeting to be held on 23 May 2022, should be made in writing to the AVA Company Secretary at the AVA National Office by 5:00pm Friday (AEDT) 28 January 2022.

Resolutions are generally of two types – special resolutions and ordinary resolutions. Any resolution to amend the AVA Constitution requires a special resolution. In order to be passed, special resolutions require the approval of at least 75% of the members entitled to vote on that resolution.

Ordinary resolutions are for matters relating to the accounts or reports of officers of the AVA. In order to be passed, an ordinary resolution requires the approval of a simple majority of more than 50% of members entitled to vote on the resolution.

The wording of a proposed resolution may require amendment after submission

(in consultation with the proposers of the resolution). This is to ensure the resolution is in an acceptable form and provides sufficient clarity, particularly if the resolution involves an amendment to the AVA Constitution.

Before submitting a resolution, please contact the Company Secretary who may assist with preparation of an acceptable form of wording of the resolution. It is also appropriate to discuss any proposed resolution with a wide range of members prior to formally lodging it with the Company Secretary to ensure that the proposed wording of the resolution clearly conveys your objectives.

For more information contact the Company Secretary, at the AVA National Office on 02 9431 5041.

Stephen Albin

Interim Chief Executive Officer, AVA