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04 Dec 2021


In this edition of the AVA Digest:

President’s Column 

AVA President Dr Warwick Vale wraps up another challenging year, reflecting on the progress made addressing major issues affecting veterinarians, as the work continues to increase the sustainability of the profession.  

Taking care of your team this holiday season 

With Christmas and the New Year approaching, it’s a good time to start thinking about how we can best acknowledge, appreciate, and support our veterinary teams. Sue Crampton of Crampton Consulting Group shares some great advice on this topic.  

Your Profession, Your Voice – AVA Advocacy update October 2021 

The AVA Advocacy and Policy teams continue their hard work to ensure that our members are heard, and that their voices are actioned. Find out about key national and division advocacy activities, and the latest news in public affairs.  

Recruiting for success 

If done correctly, a strong recruitment process can help to ensure the right person is hired for the right role every time. Find out how you can set yourself up for recruitment success.  

AVA Mentors – putting the ‘you’ in thank you 

AVA mentors provide a sounding board, guidance, wisdom, and a safe space for recent graduates to share concernsFind out why our mentees love about being part of the program.  

Finding pleasure in veterinary work 

It’s something we all strive to do. Here, Clinical psychologist Associate Professor Michelle McArthur gives us some tips on how it can be done! 

Wildlife treatment and care resources for vets 

The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has developed new wildlife treatment resources for veterinarians. Read about how you can access these valuable resources in your clinic.  

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