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20 Nov 2021


In this special edition of the AVA Digest, with a focus on AMR Week and the AVA's virtual Centenary Week Conference:

From the desk of Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Mark Schipp 

Dr Mark Schipp speaks about our responsibility, as veterinarians, to reduce antimicrobial resistance.  

Supporting our new graduates – the future leaders of our profession 

Dr Magdoline Awad, Dr Cristy Secombe, Dr Anne Quain, and Dr Georgia Gurney share their insights into how we can best support our new veterinary graduates.  

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty – a closer look 

Read about Nobel Prize winner, Professor Peter Doherty’s remarkable life, ahead of his special Plenary talk at the AVA’s Centenary Week virtual conference.  

Antimicrobial resistance one of the top global threats to human health  

 Find out about the AVA’s work to fight AMR, as well as AMR Vet Collective resources. 

Creating environmentally sustainable vet clinics 

Read about how Dr Jeremy Watson has joined Veterinarians for Climate Action (VfCA) in a bid to encourage the profession to step up and address climate change. 

Collaboration key to tackling AMR 

Professor of Veterinary Microbiology James Gilkerson speaks about the work he and his colleagues are involved in, and how we can all contribute to the fight against AMR. 

Wildlife treatment and care resources for vets 

The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has developed a range of wildlife treatment resources including Initial Treatment and Care Guidelines and Codes of Practice. Find out how you can access these valuable resources in your clinic.  

The AVA HR Advisory Service: How We Can Help Student Members 

 Find out how the AVA HR Advisory service can assist student members with advice about; the recruitment process, employment contracts (including contract reviews!), minimum entitlements, negotiation skills and more! 

Business continuity planning 

Business continuity plans (BCP) help businesses stay operational during natural disasters, economic downturns, bad publicity and internal conflict or change. Here, Guild Insurance explain how you can develop a BCP for your business. 

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