Consultation - South Australia Radiation Protection and Control Regulations 2022

23 Jun 2022

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in South Australia has released their draft Radiation Protection and Control Regulations 2022 for consultation. The AVA is in the process of preparing a submission.

Information on the legislation and the draft regulations can be found on the EPA website.

The AVA has made a number of submissions in recent years and two key issues that we have been pushing for is for suitably qualified veterinary nurses to be able to take x-rays under veterinary direction and for veterinarians to be able to take CTs.

The AVA welcomes members' comments on any issues they experience with the radiation licensing regulation in South Australia.

What you can do

  • Make your own submission to the EPA via their website by 26 July 2022
  • Send your comments for consideration in the AVA formal submission. Email by 15 July 2022.