Letters to the editor


What to expect

  • The AVJ's Editor in Chief reserves the right to not publish any letter.
  • Letters will be subject to minimal editing procedures, such as spelling, punctuation and verification of facts.
  • Letters should be submitted via email and should be clearly identified as a ‘Letter to the Editor’.

Some letters may not be accepted

While readers are encouraged to express their views freely and completely in this forum, the AVJ does not accept letters that:

  • Defame or maliciously slander individuals
  • Defame or bring false claims against organisations
  • Quote misleading figures or facts
  • Exceed 600 words
  • Blatantly endorse a particular veterinary product manufacturer, practice or veterinarian over other members for commercial gain.

Authors should ensure key information is included

  • Quote sources or provide references for any figures or information referred to in the correspondence.
  • Provide all their contact details to enable prompt processing and verification of their letters.

Our process

The Editor in Chief will discuss any correspondence being considered for publication with the AVA CEO and where appropriate, any relevant member of senior staff or the Editorial Advisory Committee.

If a letter may be considered defamatory to an individual or organisation, the letter will be forwarded to AVA lawyers for advice.

If revisions are suggested to a controversial letter, the Editor in Chief will discuss these revisions with the original author of the letter and other AVA staff where appropriate. If the original author is prepared to make these suggested revisions, the Editor in Chief will send a revised draft of the letter to the original author for sign-off.

Wherever possible, time or date-sensitive material will endeavour to be published in an appropriate time frame but this is subject to space availability and deadlines.