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Current financial members of the AVA can access the journal as a member benefit.

AVA members can access the AVJ as part of their membership benefits. Interested in joining the AVA? See more information here on joining your professional association.

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If it’s a scientific paper or research, you can access backdated issues on the Wiley website.

If it’s from the news section, you can reach out to the AVA and we can help.

Please feel free to reach out to the AVA and we’d be happy to help.

Navigate to the article that you wish to purchase here. A pop-up will show you the options for purchasing access for that article.


Contributing to the AVJ

Learn more about the AVJ's author guidelines to ensure your submission fits within the journal's aims and scope.

Read more about the AVA's editorial policy to help you get your letter to the editor published and communicate your message to AVJ readers.


About the AVJ

A new AVJ quiz is available every month on the AVA website for members. Depending on your attempt, you can be awarded up to 3 VetEd Points. You can find more information on the quiz page.

Peer reviewed science articles are usually written by scientists who complete a study and report their findings in the form of an article. They then submit it to a journal for publication. The journal's editors send the article to several other scientists who work in the same field to ‘peer review’ the work.



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