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Hear from your fellow peers on their passion for the profession and why they are a member of the Australian Veterinary Association - the only professional association for the veterinary profession representing our community since 1921. 

Dr Diana Barker
"One of the things I love most about being an AVA member is being able to access the support it provides, as well as the ability to create professional connections through industry and likeminded people through practice."

Dr Geoff Golovsky
"My team have used the AVA on a regular basis. We use it almost on a weekly basis. We use the HR service, we use the telephone counselling service for all our staff, we go to conferences. It’s been amazing."

Dr Katria Lovell 
"The AVA has had a huge influence on my life and career. Growing up, I watched my dad who is also a vet be heavily involved in the association, and was well aware of the presence and spirit of the AVA.”

Dr Moss Siddle
"When times are challenging for our profession, like they are right at the moment, I know that I can turn to the AVA for reliable, accurate and timely information about how to face these challenges."

Dr Veronica Monaghan
"One of the major initiatives which has been important to me has been the AVA’s focus on improving the mental health within the profession."

Dr John Anstee
"The recent bushfire response, the COVID-19 support and information that’s been filtered through, the state and federal advocacy programs and the renewed and recent commitment to our profession’s mental health from the AVA really highlights the importance of my AVA membership."

Dr Kim Lim
"I'm amazed and humbled by the fact that I can connect with so many areas of the AVA community. There's the Acupuncture people, my old class mates, the vets that I had met with throughout my career and many of the people associated with running of the AVA. The heart and soul of what it means to be an AVA member is to connect."


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