Advocating for you


The AVA’s work speaking out on behalf of veterinarians is the best way to keep veterinary issues on the public agenda.

Speaking with a single voice is one of the most important investments that members make in the future of their profession, and its profile in the community.

Policy and media

We develop a range of policies on issues important to veterinarians, and advocate these at all levels of government. The AVA policy group in Canberra also gives advice to members and AVA groups who want to raise issues with their local or state government agencies.

Our ongoing media program coordinates the AVA response on issues in the news, as well as proactively raising public awareness of important issues on the AVA agenda.

Our media and policy programs often work closely together on particular topics important to the profession in Australia.


The AVA helps members work with their local media to raise the profile of the profession.

Those who choose to can also take advantage of the AVA member logo to promote their personal commitment to the profession and their association to clients, colleagues and their community.


The association is also active on the international stage. We work with other veterinary associations to highlight the need for closer ties between human and animal health disciplines – ‘One Health’.

We contribute to advancing scientific knowledge by publishing a well-respective international peer-reviewed journal, the Australian Veterinary Journal.

The AVA also regularly participates in meetings that affect the profession globally. We understand issues facing the world such as food security and safety, climate change and emerging diseases. The association plays a role in increasing understanding of these issues within Australia.