Frequently Asked Questions

100% of the money donated for the bush fire crisis will go to assist veterinarians impacted by the fires, and those treating injured animals including wildlife. This will help to cover the costs of drugs, materials and treatments, so that the veterinarians are not out-of-pocket and can continue to provide these important services in affected areas.

Anyone can apply for assistance and the VBF Trustees will make a decision based on available funds and resources.

The VBF will review ongoing cost-free counselling on a case by case basis cognisant of the funds available.

This will depend on how many applications for assistance we receive. We will endeavour to respond immediately in an emergency situation. It may take longer if there are many requests or group counselling is required.

You can make an application, or we can put you in contact with other veterinary relief organisations.

AVA will keep you updated or provide you with links to those in the active in the field.

A submission for assistance can be made and that will be considered on a case by case basis.

AVA will provide links to support structures in bush fire affected states. Check out the AVA website there are links to resources in various states.

Bushfire disaster relief – donate to the Veterinary Benevolent Fund

Assist vets financially impacted by the fires, and vets doing pro-bono work to assist injured animals.