"The AVA mentoring program has been a career changing opportunity which has given me professional support to help me transition to a happier, more confident clinician. The program matches you with a mentor to meet your needs, and my match couldn’t have been better. As a recent graduate only a couple of years out of university I was struggling with decision making, confidence and work life balance. My mentor and I established key areas to work on and set goals both short and long term to help improve areas of need. My mentor has been more than just someone who helps me figure out how to leave work at work, or how to refine my clinical decision-making skills, he has been a friendly ear when I have been stressed with a particular case, or a valuable second opinion reference when I just needed to hear I was on the right track.Dr Sarah Townsend

"Thanks for arranging this program, it's been incredibly helpful for me to figure out all of the things you don't learn at university, eg. business skills and work-life balance. Overall, the program has greatly improved my first year of practice and I have felt very supported." Dr Charlotte Johnston

"Thank you for matching me with Dr James Haberfield for the AVA recent graduate mentorship program. I had shadowed him a few times since early 2018 when I was doing clinical practices at his Unusual Pet Vets clinics. I find him inspirational. His caring and supportive personality made me feel excited and hopeful for my career. The team there is also very supportive, their cheerful and positive vibe makes me feel at home.
I was really fortunate to be offered a position to work with the Unusual Pet Vets during my first mentorship meeting with Dr James, that is the perfect job I would have dreamt for. I will start in mid-January and am really excited to start working as a veterinarian." 
Dr Lucinda Lam



"I've found this program very valuable, not only for the rewarding experiences in helping new graduate veterinarians directly through the program, but it has also helped me when working with new graduates in my clinic, giving me tools to help them find answers, rather than telling them the solution.Dr Lindsay Evans

"I know that one of the true strengths of our profession is our sense of community. When I see this power leveraged to the benefit of the newest, and in some ways the most vulnerable members of our profession, it is a community of which I am genuinely proud. The involvement in the mentoring program for me has been one of those things whereby giving you actually receive much more in return, and I strongly recommend veterinarians get involved in the program in whatever way they can." Dr Mark Simpson

"The mentoring program helps highlight another great aspect of being a Veterinarian. It provides vets from vastly different streams or geography, to connect with each other and find comfort in the fact that we all go through the same trials, heartaches and successes.Dr Suff Suharju

"The rewards of being a mentor are one of the main reasons I’m an AVA member.Dr Marika Ley


From mentee to mentor: Dr Catherine Harper talks about her experience

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